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I regularly contribute to both the English and Japanese media, writing essays and short pieces focusing on issues of security, foreign policy, and economic policy in the Indo-Pacific region.

Policy Writings

I regularly contribute to leading outlets and journals in international affairs such as the Diplomat, the Interpreter, and the East Asia Forum

“Japan has role to play in bolstering Taiwan's defenses”, Nikkei Asia, March 15, 2024..web
“Japan’s Path from Arms Export Ban to Promotion”, E-International Relations, November 15,
“From the Atlantic to the Pacific Japan and integrated deterrence”, Britain’s World, 22 Fe
“Japan's new security aid program needs more firepower”, Nikkei Asia, November 6, 2023..we
“Now is the time for Japan to join AUKUS”, East Asia Forum, November 22, 2023..jpg
“Hollow supply chain pact no way to win over IPEF skeptics”, Nikkei Asia, June 7, 2023..we
“Japan needs stronger deterrence than its new defence strategy signals”, The Strategist —
Japan Needs a Defense Industrial Revolution.jpg
IPEF should defend Asian states against Chinese economic coercion.jpg
“The Mixed Legacy of Abe Shinzo’s ‘Panoramic’ Foreign Policy”, The Diplomat, September 27,
“The Quad Needs a Stronger Economic Message”, Interpreter Lowy Institute, September 14, 20
“Old Wounds Water down Japan–ROK–US Cooperation.” East Asia Forum, August 16, 2022..jpg
“Japan’s Evolving Approach to the Taiwan Strait.”, The Diplomat, August 10, 2022..jpg
“How the U.S. and Its Pacific Allies Are Approaching Taiwan.” International Policy Digest.
How to Make Competition.png


I am also a columnist for SAKISURU, an independent Japanese online media and write articles on the intersections of real-world issues and IR theories.

China's National Economic Strategy.jpg
​The U.S.-Japan Alliance From Defense Pact to Global Partnership.jpg
Fierce opposition to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Principles of China's ‘coercive behavior’ t
U.S. Asian Alliance Strategy.jpg
Will Russia's alliance network fall apart SAKISIRU, October 17, 2022.jpg
“Reassessing Japan's grand strategy led by former Prime Minister Abe from the perspective
How has the Australia-Japan relationship deepened.jpg
What kind of rise is China aiming for SAKISIRU September 10 2022.jpg
“Strategic Ambiguity vs. Strategic Clarity, the Framework for Understanding U.S. Taiwan Po
“India's Strategy in the Russo-Ukraine War,” SAKISIRU, May 14, 2022..jpeg
“Riptide and Limits of U.S. Assistance to Ukraine,” SAKISIRU, April 9, 2022.jpeg
“Beyond ‘Putin’s Madness’ analyzed by Theory of International Politics,” SAKISIRU, March 1
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